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FAP's Institutional Mission is to train Basic Education teachers, Bachelor Professionals and Technologists committed to sustainable human, cultural, scientific and technological development, considering the demands of the contemporary world, and the need for research and extension work articulated with the social reality in which the educational institution is located.

We are a family owned and operated business.

It also aims to ensure the permanent exercise of criticism through problematization and the production of multidisciplinary knowledge historically constructed aiming to provide the mastery of didactic, reflective and critical procedures, through the offer of undergraduate and graduate programs.


The Faculty is aimed at becoming a Higher Education Institution that is agglutinating and open to knowledge and critical, creative and competent reflection, aiming to contribute to the sustainable development of Baixo Parnaíba Maranhense and Alto Munim. Its main function is to develop Teaching, Research and Extension, in an articulated way, aiming at the fulfillment of its creative, social and educational purpose, based on the following political-social teaching proposals:


  • Exercise of the critical-scientific function, which expresses the professional's social and political commitment;

  • Systematization and dissemination of their work and academic-scientific production;

  • Integral and permanent training, qualifying for the world of work;

  • Commitment to democracy and social, cultural, political and educational development, through collective actions at various levels;

  • Generation of new knowledge and improvement of resources and strengthening of teaching;

  • Preservation of culture and ethical, aesthetic and political values;

  • Linking theory / practice through the emphasis on research, as a means of producing knowledge and intervention in social practice;

  • Articulation of governmental and non-governmental institutions for the development of educational information and preservation actions on riparian forests and biodiversity in the Baixo Parnaíba and Alto Munim Region, as a way of harmonious coexistence with the environment.

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