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The Faculty of Baixo Parnaíba - FAP, denomination given by Ministerial Ordinance No. 366, of April 27, 2007, DOU No. 82 of April 30, 2007, replacing the Higher Institute of Educational Sciences of Baixo Parnaíba is a Higher Education Institution - IES, accredited by Ordinance No. 196 of January 19, 2005, DOU No. 15, of January 21, 2005, maintained by the Regional Higher Education Center Arno Kreutz - CRESU, implanted on February 29, 2000, is regulated by CNPJ N ° 03.985.642.0001-85.

It is an agglutinating institution and open to systematized, interdisciplinary knowledge and critical and competent reflection that aims to contribute to the development of the region of Baixo Parnaíba in Maranhão.

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